Last year the Bongo Room announced it was opening a third location in Andersonville.  Then, the location they wanted apparently fell through.  Word is that the eatery has a new location across the street from Ts on Clark Street in Andersonville.  Can anyone confirm this?  Bongo Room would make a great addition to the hood.

Bongo Room Menu

Word is that Andersonville will be getting a new Chipotle!. The location for the new store is the troubled corner on Clark which was the former home of Clarks on Clark. Most rcently, the spot at 5001 North Clark was occupied by the internet cafe "Winstons." The addition of Chipotle to this streatch of Clark seems like at odd fit, but a welcome one.  Hopefully, it spurs more development of retail businesses along this section of Clark Street. Wecome to te neighborhood.

A fire in an Edgewater hi-rise resulted in injury to two residents last night.  The fire was reported at approximately 8:30 pm at 5415 North Sheridan, known as the Park Tower  The building is a 55 story apartment building located on Chiago's north lakefront.  More than 100 firefighters responded and over 30 pieces of fire equipment were called to the scene.

Are you covered in the event that there is a fire in your rental building?  What if the guy upstairs leaves the water running in his tub and floods your apartment?  How about when a friend slips and falls in your living room breaking his arm?  If you haven't given these questions some thought, you should. Renter's insurance is the answer.

Many renters are under the mistaken assumption that their landlord's insurance provides them with coverage.  In most case it does not.  A renter is responsible for the contents of his or her apartment.  Renter's insurance can provide coverage against loss from damage such as fires or floods. It also does much more.  A Renter's policy also protects the tenant's property from loss while away from the apartment - such a laptop computer stolen while at the coffee shop or luggage stolen from your car.

Additionally, such coverage also typically includes third party liability coverage, paying claims for injuries to others while at your home. If you do not currently have coverage, you should definitely consider it.  The cost is very reasonable.  The annual premium on a policy protecting up to $50,000 in contents is approximately $300. Before buying coverage, take an inventory and assess what it would cost to replace (at today's prices) all of the contents of your home. It's important to select a policy that provides for replacement cost coverage - otherwise you will be paid only the depreciated value of your lost property. Also, document the contents of your apartment by taking photographs or a video of all of your belongings.  Place that information and a copy of receipts for any significant items in a safe deposit box or with a fiend or relative. Being prepared and eing covered will ease the stress of any potential loss and will help you recover quicker.
A large segment of the housing market has long been neglected by the government in its support of loan modification. To date, investors and those owning rental properties have been shut out of all loan modification programs. No longer. On Friday, the Obama administration announced a major expansion of its mortgage modification program as it seeks to prevent more foreclosures and further deterioration of the housing market. Now, investors can seek modification under the Home Affordable Modification Program ("HAMP") regardless of whether the property is occupied by a tenant or is vacant. Approximately 700,000 properties nationwide are estimated to now be eligible for the HAMP program.
Annoyed by the clutter of satellite dishes cluttering your neigborhood buildings? A solution may be on the way. Under an ordinance proposed in the Chicago zoning committee, installers may soon be compelled to install dishes in less obious places, like the side of buildings. If a dish cannot be installed on the side of a building the company installing the dish would be required to explain why in a written statement. They may have to be taken down after tenants vacate units as well. Stay tuned (no pun intended)!

Mark your calendars and get out your festive costumes - it's time for a New Year's Parade. Yes, that's right, NEW YEAR'S Parade.  It's set for this Saturday, January 28 in Uptown.  The time is Noon til 4pm.  If you like lion and dragon dancers, be sure not to miss it.  Oh, and come out to hear the Senn High School marching band too.  Should be a blast.  Just another reason to live in Chicago.

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2738 N Pine Grove residents are without heat or hot water and may be left in that chilly state for several weeks.  Aparently, a blocked chimney caused a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide forcing the building's managment company, Lakeview Associates, to shut off the heat and hot water.  To deal with the cold, the management company first suggested residents use their ovens or space heaters to stay warm. That idea was quickly shot down by the Chicago Fire Department.

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